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Making Your Family Goals a Reality

So you’ve decided to expand your family by way of adoption – congratulations! Adopting a child is one of the most joyous and rewarding things you can ever do, but there is no doubt that it can also present immense financial and emotional roadblocks. In order to combat these barriers, you need a Fresno family law attorney with an intimate understanding of state adoption laws. Look no further than Arnold Law Group. Our 30+ years of experience and commitment to client satisfaction sets us apart from other firms in the area. Whatever your adoption goals, we can help you make them a reality.

What Types of Adoption Are Available?

The first step in any adoption is determining where and from whom you want to adopt, whether in the U.S., internationally, or from a family member. There are different qualifications for each one and the overall timeframe of your adoption ultimately depends on this critical decision.

We have experience representing families with all of the following types of adoptions:

  • Domestic adoption: These adoptions occur in the U.S. and can involve children of any age. Often this is done through an agency who facilitates the process of matching a child with a family.
  • Private adoption: Rather than working through an agency, private adoptions involve direct communication between the birth and adoptive parents. Although parents have a greater level of control in selecting their child, birth parents are allowed to change their minds after the child is born.
  • Family adoptions: Often called relative adoptions, these are common in the U.S. A parent, grandparent, or step-parent takes legal and financial responsibility for another relative’s children and the biological parent must consent to the adoption.
  • International adoptions: While similar to domestic adoptions, adopting a foreign child can be more complex because another country’s government must get involved. Thus, the process can be much more time-consuming.

Begin the Process Today with Arnold Law Group

From passing background checks and home studies to submitting paperwork and fulfilling deadlines, there are numerous requirements that adoptive parents must fulfill. Fortunately, you are not alone! Our team of Fresno family law lawyers is here for you every step of the way with legal counsel you can trust. We welcome clients who live in Madera, Tulare, Kings, and surrounding areas.

This life-changing journey is both exciting and achievable with our Fresno adoption attorneys by your side. Reach out to us today for your consultation.