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When a parent dies or becomes unfit to care for their child, it may become necessary to appoint a guardian. The guardian is responsible for raising the child and ensuring that their needs are met. If you have been appointed as a guardian, or are hoping to establish guardianship on your own, a Fresno family law lawyer can help you successfully move through the complex court process. Our firm has hfelped numerous individuals achieve desired outcomes in guardianship proceedings. With 30+ years of experience, we are uniquely familiar with the court system in California and can apply the full extent of our knowledge to your case.

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What Are the Rules of Guardianship in California?

The duties of a guardian are significant and require the guardian to make decisions about the child’s education, medical treatment, and supervision. Because of this, the court does not take guardianship lightly and abides by a number of different ‘rules’ according to California State law.

Some of the most pertinent rules of guardianship include:

  • Custody is only granted to those deemed suitable by the court
  • Guardians must be able to provide care and guidance
  • The best interest of the child remains the top priority at all times
  • The child, especially over age 14, may be allowed to share their preferences
  • Drug testing may be required for the guardian

Actually obtaining guardianship can be a lengthy process. You may be required to submit numerous forms, along with submitting to a background check and a home visit from a social worker. Our legal team can work with you every step of the way to preserve your wishes and eliminate unnecessary delays.

Keeping Our Clients at the Forefront of Every Case

When you work with Arnold Law Group, APC, you are more than just a case number. We empathize with the problems you may be facing and work hard to achieve outcomes that are in line with your desires. Whatever the circumstances of your case, our Fresno guardianship lawyers can be trusted to handle the details.

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