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What Should I Expect?

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What Should You Expect During a Divorce?

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At the Arnold Law Group, APC in Fresno, our compassionate divorce lawyers want you to feel comfortable during each step of your divorce and are dedicated to achieving your satisfaction. We want to include you in every step along the way, ensuring that you know what is happening at all times and what to expect when everything is resolved. By providing top-notch client service to you, we can help you prepare and get through the divorce process.

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Making Sense of the Divorce Process for You

Although a divorce can be quite complicated and involve any number of specific assets, there are a few general steps to follow:

1. Check your eligibility: Before you can file for divorce in California, you need to meet certain residency requirements. You may also need to double-check which jurisdictions you can file for divorce in.

2. Choose your divorce option: There is more than one way to dissolve your marriage. Being able to choose the appropriate method often requires the assistance of a professional divorce attorney.

3. Divide your property: Everything you have acquired during your marriage will need to be fairly split between you and your spouse. Property division disputes are one of the leading reasons your divorce could become contested. It is highly recommended that you use a Fresno divorce lawyer to act as a mediator for this step.

4. Set up alimony payments: Depending on who was earning more money during your marriage, you might be eligible for spousal support or have to pay it.

5. Take care of your children: Child custody and child support are two more hotly contested issues during a divorce but they cannot be skimmed over. You will want to set aside some time to figure out fair resolutions to these subjects. If you cannot come to an agreement, you will need a Fresno child custody attorney to fight for your rights as a parent.

What to Expect in a Divorce with Children

When children are involved in a divorce case, you will want to ensure that you have a clear understanding of what is ahead. Especially if your divorce case is contested or you are dealing with complex child custody matters under California law, you should speak with our firm at once.

As you communicate with your lawyer, you will need to discuss the issue of joint custody so that you and the other parent can have regular contact with the children. Joint custody does not necessarily mean that it will be a 50-50 arrangement, even though that is the objective so that the child can have equal time with both parents.

When it comes to child support, California correlates the amount paid and received with the parenting time. Many factors will be assessed when child support is being determined, especially who makes the most money and is in a better financial position.

The Stability of Your Future Can Start Today

A divorce can take time, patience, and a thorough understanding of the law. In order to make certain that you are taking the right steps and not having your rights ignored by your spouse, you need to work with a divorce attorney from the Arnold Law Group, APC in Fresno, California. Throughout our years of practicing family law, we have successfully handled thousands of divorce cases for our clients all across Tulare, Kings, and Madera counties.

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