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Creditor's Meeting

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How Does the Creditor’s Meeting Work?

Answering Questions Related to Your Bankruptcy Petition

Anyone who is filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection in Fresno, CA must go through a Creditor’s Meeting. Don’t worry, a skilled bankruptcy lawyer from the Arnold Law Group, APC will be with you. These meetings are conducted by a Chapter 7 Trustee or a Chapter 13 Trustee, who have the ability to ask you questions related to your bankruptcy petition.

Essentially, these particular trustees ensure that the Bankruptcy Petition is filled out correctly and contains all needed information. Further, these trustees work on behalf of your creditors and look for any property which may not be exempt or any income which was not reported properly. If property and/or extra income is discovered such could be seized by the Trustee to pay your creditors.

Additionally, your creditors can also attend this meeting and also ask you questions related to their specific secured property or your ability to make payments, etc. Once in a while, an attorney from the U.S. Trustee’s office (these are different from the Trustee presiding over the meeting) can show up and ask questions if they feel there is an irregularity in your filed bankruptcy petition.

Why You Should Seek Representation from Arnold Law Group, APC

At the Arnold Law Group, APC, we review and re-review your Petition prior to filing it with the U.S. Federal Bankruptcy Court. We look for inaccuracies. We check and double-check for mistakes. Above all, an experienced attorney can spot issues in your Petition that would raise a red-flag to the Trustee, before your Petition is actually filed with the Court. At Arnold Law Group, APC, we go over your completed Petition with you directly, prior to filing. We also go over potential questions that the Trustee may ask of you.

Our job is simple: we want your Creditor’s Meeting to be short and sweet. Call now to find out how our Fresno bankruptcy lawyers can assist you.

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