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Bringing Families Together Through the Process of Adoption in California

So you’ve decided to expand your family by way of adoption – congratulations! Adopting a child is one of the most joyous and rewarding things you can ever do, but there is no doubt that it can also present immense financial and emotional roadblocks.

Start your adoption case with an experienced Fresno attorney who has an intimate understanding of state and federal adoption laws. Our team at Arnold Law Group, APC has more than 30 years of experience navigating the various adoption procedures and requirements. We are committed to making sure our clients have an efficient adoption process that is compliant with the laws. Whatever your adoption goals, we can help you make them a reality.

Have you decided to grow your family through adoption? Please, contact the experienced and compassionate Fresno adoption attorneys at Arnold Law Group, APC today!

Types of Adoption in Californa

The first step in any adoption is determining where and from whom you want to adopt, whether in the U.S., internationally, or from a family member. There are different qualifications for each one, and the overall timeframe of your adoption ultimately depends on this decision.

We can help families choose the right adoption based on their situation:

  • Domestic adoption: These adoptions occur in the U.S. and can involve children of any age. Often this is done through an agency that facilitates matching a child with a family.
  • Private adoption: Rather than working through an agency, private adoptions involve direct communication between the birth and adoptive parents. Although parents have a greater level of control in selecting their child, birth parents are allowed to change their minds after the child is born.
  • Family adoption: Often called relative adoptions, these are common in the U.S. A parent, grandparent, or stepparent takes legal and financial responsibility for another relative’s children, and the biological parent must consent to the adoption.
  • International adoption: Similar to domestic adoptions, adopting a foreign child can be more complex because another country’s government must get involved. Thus, the process can be much more time-consuming.

Understanding the Adoption Process in California

Step 1: Choose which type of adoption is best for your family.

Depending on the type of adoption you pursue, the requirements to finalize your adoption may differ. For example, if you choose to adopt internationally, you'll be working with professionals from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), which can be a much different experience than working with a private adoption agency or foster care professionals.

Many parents choose to adopt from a foster care home through the California Department of Social Services (CDSS). Should you wish to adopt from an agency, research local public and private adoption agencies near you.

Step 2: Contact the adoption agency.

If you choose to adopt through the CDSS, you should contact the CDSS adoption office in your region. A representative will speak with you about the adoption process and inform you of the requirements to adopt in California. They will also refer you to an adoption orientation for prospective parents near you.

Step 3: Attend orientation and meet with your caseworker.

After attending the orientation, you can submit a written application to the agency or adoption office affiliated with your adoption. At this stage, an adoption caseworker will get assigned to your adoption case. They'll work with you to understand what kind of adoption you want to carry out and attempt to match you with an adoptee that meets your needs.

Step 4: Completed the family assessment and home study.

Additionally, the caseworker will carry out a "family assessment" for you. This involves reviewing your criminal, medical, and employment records. The caseworker will also interview you and any other prospective parents to assess your emotional capabilities and readiness to care for a child. Finally, they will carry out a home study to ensure that your home is ready to receive a child and would be safe for an adoptee to inhabit.

How Long Does Adoption Take and What Will it Cost?

The cost and length of your adoption case can vary widely depending on how you choose to adopt.

For example, international adoptions are often expensive affairs. Parents may need to fly to other countries to meet a child or may need to pay to fly a child to the U.S. Additionally, international adoption agencies often charge more than domestic adoption agencies.

Private adoptions tend to be more expensive than foster care adoptions but, depending on the agency, may resolve more quickly.

Foster care adoptions will cost you no more than $500 in application fees, but it may take longer for an adoption caseworker to place you with a prospective adoptee who's a good fit for you and your family.

Additionally, complications that arise during the adoption process could lengthen the case. For example, if an adoption caseworker requires you to take certain parenting classes or make adjustments to your living situations before allowing you to adopt, complying with those obligations could extend your adoption case.

For these reasons, having a capable adoption lawyer by your side is vital. Our Fresno adoption attorneys can help you navigate the adoption process, working with you to prepare your life and home for a new family member.

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