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Fathers' Rights

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Protecting Your Rights as a Father in California

If you are a father going through a divorce, you may feel like you’ve been handed the shorter straw without even realizing it. Due to social expectations and biases, fathers’ rights are often violated in a divorce. However, both California state law and federal laws dictate that both parents have equal rights over the children until a judge says otherwise.  Arnold Law Group, APC, is committed to helping you understand your rights and then fighting to have those rights upheld in a court of law. 

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What Are My Rights as a Father?

Just as the mother has the right to be involved in her children’s lives, so does the father. The equal opportunities given to the father cannot be denied and must be protected. As a father, you have rights involving your child that include the following: 

  • Visitation rights: You have the right to access your child according to the specified visitation schedule.
  • Child support fairness: If the mother of your child refuses to become employed, you have the right to request that the court order her to find employment.
  • Child custody: You have the right to request custody of your child, which may be in the form of legal or physical custody.
  • Matters of relocation: If you or the mother are relocating, you have the right to a modified custody or visitation schedule,  as well as the right to dispute the relocation.
  • Educational and religious upbringing: If you have joint legal custody, you have the right to make mutual decisions regarding your child’s education and religious choices.
  • Medical care: Fathers who have joint legal custody can be listed on a child’s medical records and have the right to be informed about their child’s health and to share in the decision-making authority. 
  • Claim paternity: Unmarried fathers have the right to verify paternity through paternity testing.

No matter the other details of your divorce, you need to do all you can to ensure you play an active role in the lives of your children. We’re here to help you challenge any unfounded claims made by your divorcing spouse and establish your rights as a father.

How Do I Establish Paternity? 

Typically, paternity is easily established by both parents filing a signed acknowledgment of paternity to the state court. In the event that your paternity is disputed, our team can help you complete the legal process for proving otherwise. 

A crucial component of this process will be DNA testing. Once paternity has been legally established, we can pursue all the relevant paternal rights noted above. 

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Knowledgeable Answers to Your Greatest Concerns

In the course of our combined 30-plus years fighting for our clients, there are some questions that continue to pop up. Here are some of the questions we encounter most frequently. 

  • How can I win child custody rights? If you want to be the primary custodian of your children after the divorce, your priority will be to prove that you care for them deeply and will provide them with a stable home. Share personal, positive experiences with the court that exemplify your love for your children and how you intend to raise them.
  • Will I qualify for child support payments? Depending on your financial situation, winning child support can be tricky as a father. However, with the help of experienced Fresno fathers’ rights counsel, you can review your finances and build a solid argument as to why you need child support.
  • What happens if I am in the military? Being active in the military does not automatically disqualify you from custodial rights as a father. Use our help to create a strategy that meets your unique needs.
  • When can I expect my case to be resolved? Unfortunately, no regulation determines how long a divorce settlement can go on. Still, we always try our best to expedite the process for you and have it wrapped up as soon as possible.

How We Can Help

Arnold Law Group, APC, offers clients several advantages. That includes these: 

  • 30+ years of combined legal experience
  • Thousands of satisfied clients
  • Personalized, attentive counsel and client-focused advocacy

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