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High Net-Worth Divorce

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High Net Worth Divorce Lawyers in Fresno

Experienced Counsel for High Asset Divorces

When a divorce case involves a couple with high net worth, it is crucial that skilled legal counsel be involved. The Fresno high net worth divorce lawyers at Arnold Law Group, APC know how to handle complex and high-value divorce cases for executives, professionals, doctors, and other high-net-worth individuals.

With more than 30 years of family law experience, we can provide professional and seasoned counsel throughout your divorce. Our team is well-versed in California's property division laws as well as the best possible way to protect our clients' hard-earned assets. We understand what is at stake and how to preserve your financial interests.

We can provide assistance with dividing financial and business assets fairly, such as:

  • Real estate properties
  • Vacation homes
  • Professional practices
  • Antiques, jewelry or art collections
  • Investments
  • 401 (k) or retirement plans
  • Debts incurred during marriage
  • Pensions
  • Offshore accounts
  • Stock options


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How Our High Net Worth Divorce Lawyers Can Help You

Any divorce case will be complicated. But cases involving significant assets are typically more complex and will require the help of financial experts and forensic specialists to assist with valuing and equitably dividing joint assets. If you want to ensure that you are treated fairly in your divorce, retain legal counsel today. Not only do you face property division battles, but you also may have to deal with spousal supportchild custody, and child support matters. Our legal team can help you navigate all types of legal complications involved in a high net worth divorce.

Our attorneys are skilled at:

  • Valuating and appraising assets and properties
  • Uncovering hidden assets
  • Determining separate and community property
  • Evaluating tax considerations
  • Litigating existing marital agreements

Every couple is unique and will face different challenges throughout their divorce. Our firm can help you obtain the financial information you need and formulate a strategy based on your particular situation. We work closely with each client to help them find solutions that meet their needs and goals. Speak with our attorneys to ensure that you are fully prepared for the divorce proceedings ahead.

Tips When Divorcing with High Assets

There are steps you must take to ready yourself for the divorce proceedings ahead. 

Here are some tips to help you get started with your divorce case on the right foot:

  • Get organized: You will want to identify your non-marital assets, which is any asset obtained prior to the marriage, received as a gift, or given through inheritance. Make sure you keep copies of all your documents.
  • Be honest: Disclose all your assets and never attempt to hide anything, otherwise you may lose credibility with the court.
  • Be open to compromise: Think about whether it is worth fighting over every dollar and asset involved. You might end up wasting even more time and paying more in legal fees the longer you drag out your divorce.
  • Hire the right attorney: It is a no-brainer that you will need an attorney. But hiring the wrong one can put you in a much worse position. People often make the mistake of hiring the most aggressive lawyer out there, even though they may want a quiet and amicable divorce. The attorney you choose should reflect your goals and your philosophy about how you want your divorce to be handled.

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With so much at stake in a high net worth divorce, you need to retain proper legal representation and support. We can also provide mediation services, peacefully guiding clients through complex asset division and custody matters so that an agreement is reached quickly. If your divorce is contested and requires litigation, we can fight for you. 

Schedule a consultation with our firm today. We look forward to reviewing your case and providing effective counsel.

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