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Child Custody Modifications

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Child Custody Modifications

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Sometimes, child custody and visitation orders need to be altered from their original state. As children get older, needs change along with the new lives of the parents. It is estimated that renegotiation of custody may be necessary every three years. If you are in need of a modification to your custody or visitation agreement, Arnold Law Group, APC is here to help you in this process.

With over 30 years of combined legal experience, our divorce lawyers take pride in providing top-notch legal assistance to our clients throughout Fresno. We dedicate personal attention to each case, listening to our clients and striving to provide the attentive care that they deserve. With proactive communication and a high rate of satisfaction from our clients, your child custody modification case is sure to be in excellent hands.

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What Is Needed for Modification Approval?

Since court approval is necessary for all modifications, having a strong legal team is always recommended to improve your chances of success. Approval is based on the best interests of the child, which can be affected by circumstances regarding his or her living situation.

To seek a change of custody or visitation order, you must show:

  • A change of circumstances since the original agreement
  • Instability of the child’s custody arrangement without a change
  • The change would be in the child’s best interests

In addition, drug abuse, physical/emotional abuse, or insufficient fulfillment of court-ordered time between the child and a parent can all qualify as reasons for a modification to be made. To begin this process, certain court forms need to be filed. With the assistance of a child custody attorney, you are likely to have a stronger argument for modification and can increase your chances of success.

Our Divorce Attorneys Are Ready to Help You & Your Child

Your child’s well-being is of great importance. Don’t let any more precious time go by without taking action. Our experienced legal team is ready to help you do what is best for your child. Known for our consistently excellent reputation, the choice is clear. The sooner you call our firm, the sooner you can put these complicated legal matters behind you.

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