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Spousal Support Modifications

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Spousal Support Modifications

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Following a divorce, it is not uncommon for spouses to seek changes to their spousal support orders. Arrangements that were once appropriate may lose relevance as circumstances change, creating an unfair situation for one or both parties. If you are in need of a modification to your spousal support arrangement, Arnold Law Group, APC can provide you with outstanding legal representation to help improve your chances of securing a desirable outcome.

Backed by more than 30 years of successful experience, our Fresno divorce attorneys have the skills and passion you need to give you the edge in your pursuit of a fair agreement. We have helped thousands of clients throughout our firm’s lengthy existence, and we are eager to stand by your side in a court of law.

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An Overview of Spousal Support Modifications

In order to seek a modification or end to your spousal support agreement, you need to be able to show a substantial change in circumstances from the time that your order was first issued. There are a variety of reasons why a modification can be needed.

The following can all be considered grounds for modification:

  • The spouse no longer needs monetary support
  • The paying spouse has a significant decrease in income
  • The dependent spouse is not making an effort to be self sufficient
  • The spouse receiving support has remarried

If spouses can collaborate towards a new agreement, it can be submitted to a judge for approval without the need for courtroom involvement. If cooperation proves to be impossible, a motion can be filed to request a modification. Our firm’s legal professionals can walk you through this process and help you file the necessary paperwork, making sure that your rights are protected at all times.

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Seeking a change to your spousal support arrangement can be a difficult process to cope with, as it can bring back painful memories of your divorce or separation. At Arnold Law Group, we understand the struggle you must be experiencing, and we are prepared to help you carry the burden. With a caring and individualized approach to your situation, our Fresno family lawyers are ready go the distance on your behalf and make every effort to secure a desirable outcome for your case.

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