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Paternity Lawyer in Fresno

Helping Mothers & Fathers Resolve Your Paternity Dispute

In most legal matters involving children, the court will seek to put a child's best interests first. Even if you aren't married or are divorced, a judge will aim to give children opportunity for visitation with their father. This can greatly benefit a child, especially during formative years.

If you are unsure about paternity or would like to have legal rights to your biological children, the Fresno paternity attorneys from Arnold Law Group, APC can help! We have guided countless clients through complex paternity matters and can put this experience to work for you. Our paternity lawyers make sure that our clients fully understand their legal rights and responsibilities and how to protect them.

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Important Reasons to Establish Paternity

Even if you are married, paternity is not always guaranteed. If you question the paternity of a child at all, make sure that you take action to clear matters up. Any disagreement over who the biological father is can cause serious dispute or legal obstacle down the road.

It is important to prove paternity for the following reasons:

  • Visitation rights
  • Child support
  • Access to a child's medical and health history
  • Health insurance rights
  • Life insurance benefits
  • Inheritance rights
  • Benefits such as social security or veteran's benefits through the father
  • Help a child understand his or her identity

Whether you are seeking to prove paternity in order to obtain visitation or child custody rights, demonstrate the need for child support, or avoid being wrongfully included in a family law court, the paternity lawyers at Arnold Law Group, APC can help.

How To Establish Paternity in California

Paternity in California can be established in several ways:

  • If the parents are married, the husband is presumed to be the father
  • If the parents are not married, genetic testing can be ordered by the court through a paternity action
  • If both the woman and the male involved agree that he is the biological father, they can simply sign a form with the court that will legally and officially recognize the man as the child's father.
  • If there is any dispute or question over the matter, a DNA test may be required.

Having this legal clarity empowers both mothers and fathers. Mothers can receive the proper financial support they need while fathers can obtain visitation or custody rights and gain more time with their children.

Ideally, this will allow a child to receive the care and attention they need from both parents.

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