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Bank Levy and Wage Garnishments

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Bank Levy & Wage Garnishment Attorneys in Fresno

How to Protect Your Paycheck from Garnishment

Imagine writing out checks for your monthly bills, only to learn later that these checks are all being returned for insufficient funds. Why? You learned that the monies have been sucked out of your account by an old creditor who obtained a default judgment against you. This is commonly referred to as a Bank Levy or a seizure of all or part of the monies sitting in your account. Normally, creditors time this levy to correspond with paydays.

Perhaps equally as bad is a creditor who garnishes (takes) a percentage of your gross wages. Can you support your family by taking home 25% less of your wage every month until your judgment and the interest thereupon is paid? If creditors harass you and want to protect your hard-earned wages, our Fresno attorneys have the experience and skill to stop wage garnishment and help you find debt relief.

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IRS Debts & Student Loans

The Federal Government will let you go bankrupt on anyone except for themselves. However, a skilled bankruptcy attorney can sometimes find an exception to the rule. There are ways to go bankrupt on your past taxes with any taxing authority, including the Internal Revenue Services, but there are several legal obstacles that you must meet to pull this one off.

The same holds true for most student loans. Student loans are made by financial institutions directly to either the student or their College/University. However, you may not be aware that student loans are generally backed by the Federal Government, which can make discharging this debt incredibly difficult. If you struggle to pay an overwhelming amount of debt, especially from a federal source, we encourage you to contact our law office today. Our firm has highly skilled and dedicated bankruptcy attorneys who know the ins and outs of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy and can help create a plan to meet your specific needs.

Divorce & Bankruptcy

At Arnold Law Group, APC, we are one of a handful of law firms that have qualified attorneys practicing in both of these areas of law. What does this mean to you? Quite often, these areas of law overlap each other. We can determine whether it may be beneficial to file your bankruptcy case before filing for divorce, prior to your divorce case concluding or shortly after your divorce case concludes. The result of a strong law firm handling both issues is a win-win for the clients of the Arnold Law Group, APC. As our lawyers regularly appear in local cases, we can provide great legal insight to both legal aspects of your case.

Spousal Support & Child Support

At the Arnold Law Group, APC, we are very familiar with these family law issues. Please keep in mind that these types of family law judgments are generally non-dischargeable. Meaning you may not be able to go bankrupt upon these debts. Nevertheless, these are real debts and can work to your advantage when filing for bankruptcy.

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