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Contested Divorce

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Contested Divorce Attorneys in Fresno 

Going Through a Contested Divorce in Fresno? 

When couples go through the dissolution of their marriage, the next step is to decide how their property and responsibilities will be divided. Due to the importance of this process, many spouses will not back down from what they believe they deserve. When no resolution or agreement is in sight, couples enter what is known as a contested divorce.

At the Arnold Law Group, APC, our Fresno attorneys understand that what our clients want out of their divorce must be respected, and their rights must be upheld.

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Your Future Matters to Our Firm

When our lawyers in Fresno accept a contested divorce case, they know that there is so much on the line for you and your family. The livelihood of you, your spouse, and your family might be hanging in the balance, so we approach everything with utmost skill and delicacy.

You know you can trust us to fairly represent you due to our numerous accolades, such as the following:

  • 30+ years of combined experience
  • Thousands of beneficial resolutions to our cases
  • Personally tailored strategies
  • Commitment to working closely with you

Working Toward a Settlement

In a contested divorce, both parties may hire divorce attorneys to assist them through the case and fight for their respective positions. As you prepare for trial, you will want to work with a knowledgeable and dedicated attorney who will aggressively fight for your rights.

We can help you through each step of your contested divorce, which includes:

  • Divorce petition served to responding spouse
  • Responding spouse responds to petition
  • Discovery
  • Settlement
  • Trial
  • Post-trial motions
  • Appeals

Options Available to You & Your Family

Even if you and your spouse disagree on just one aspect of your divorce, you need to take it seriously and understand your legal options. Every decision or agreement you make could affect the rest of your life, so you need to be aware of any ramifications.

Some matters of your contested divorce our Fresno divorce lawyers can help settle include:

If you do not necessarily want to go to court to settle your contested divorce, there may be other resolutions available. For instance, our attorneys offer mediation services to inquiring clients. No matter what legal needs you have for your divorce, we can provide them for you. 

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