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Should You Date Before a Divorce Is Final?


Now that your marriage is coming to an end, you may feel that you’re ready to get back into the dating scene again. But not so fast – you haven’t signed your divorce settlement yet, so is it okay to start dating? While there are no laws against dating during your divorce, it may not be advisable for a number of reasons.

Ways that dating can affect your divorce case:

  • Child Custody: When deciding child custody, courts may look at your new dating partner to determine if he/she will be a positive influence on your children. If your new partner has a suspicious past or might encourage you to indulge in irresponsible behavior, this can affect your custody case.
  • Jealousy or Accusations of Adultery: A new love interest can spark feelings of jealousy or even lead to accusations of cheating from your ex. This can cause additional strain in your relationship with your ex and make the divorce process more contentious.
  • Child & Spousal Support: If you are spending a significant amount of money on your new dating partner, this can impact whether or not you receive or pay spousal support.
  • Relationship with Your Children: Your children may become confused and harbor resentment towards your new partner, which can cause additional stress and disrupt an already difficult situation.

As you can see, venturing into a new relationship before your divorce is over can complicate matters and even put you at a disadvantage. You should talk to your attorney about the best way to handle your unique situation and how to protect your interests at the beginning and end of your divorce.

Do’s and Don’ts of Dating During Divorce

If you do decide to start a relationship while your divorce is pending, follow this important advice below.

  • DON’T move in with the other person until the divorce is over
  • DON’T get pregnant or impregnate your dating partner, as this can delay your divorce due to paternity and custody issues
  • DON’T start dating until you are physically separated from your spouse
  • DON’T flaunt your new relationship on social media. Be discreet about your actions.
  • DO find a support group to help you cope with your situation
  • DO try to socialize in groups
  • DO remain cautious about rushing into a relationship

We Provide Compassionate Support Throughout Your Divorce

Divorce is hard on everyone, even in the most amicable of situations. At the Arnold Law Group, APC, our team of Fresno divorce attorneys understand your emotions and the challenges that come with divorce. We can provide support for you through the entire process, navigating the complex family courts and negotiating effective solutions to difficult disputes. Start with a consultation and discuss your divorce with our team today.

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