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Common Mistakes Dads Make During Divorce


In the past, courts were more likely to award primary custody to the mother rather than the father. But today, judges do not presume that the mother will be the primary caretaker. Rather, courts are looking at what is in the best interests of the child when deciding custody. As a father, you have every right to fight for child custody and prove that you should have physical custody. During your child’s formative years, it is important that you play a big role in your child’s development.

Our Fresno child custody attorneys at Arnold Law Group, APC can help protect your rights as a dad. We can guide you through your case and help you avoid critical mistakes that can negatively affect your case.

Common mistakes that fathers make during divorce or custody cases:

  • Not paying child support. Even if your children's mother is not allowing you access to your children during your custody or visitation time, you should never skip out on child support. This can lead to penalties from the court and put you in a dangerous position with your custody matter.
  • Not prioritizing your children. Some dads want to remain amicable by conceding custody to the mother, which can work against you. When you only see your child every other weekend, you are not giving yourself enough time to develop strong emotional bonds. You should always be firm when it comes to requesting frequent and regular time with your child.
  • Leaving the family home. Some fathers may feel like leaving the family home can help keep the peace during a divorce. But this has the potential to make the father look like he is “abandoning” the family or not interested in being a part of the child’s life. To avoid this, make sure that you have a temporary agreement in place before leaving, and always ask an attorney for advice on how to proceed.
  • Overextending your finances. It is understandable that some dads want to be generous when it comes to support. But don't overextend yourself financially, otherwise you might end up with financial issues.
  • Not asking for a court modification when it is necessary. When you are facing a situation where you have lost your job and can no longer afford support, don't just stop paying in hopes that you will find a job soon. You can ask the court for a modification which takes into consideration your unique financial situation. Getting a modification can also help you avoid penalties from not paying support.
  • Not cooperating with the mother. For the best interests of your children, you should always attempt to work towards a mutual agreement on custody plans. Judges will look favorably on parents who cooperate and it will help minimize any stress and trauma on your children.

Helping Fathers Protect Their Custody Rights

At Arnold Law Group, APC, we regularly represent fathers in divorce, child support, and child custody matters. Our Fresno divorce attorneys work diligently to help protect your fathers’ rights and make sure that you are treated fairly by the court and by the other parent.

If you would like to discuss your case and your concerns, schedule a consultation today by calling (559) 900-1263 or send us a message online.

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