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COVID-19 & Child Custody: What to Expect Moving Forward


As the COVID-19 pandemic swept the US, Americans across the country were forced to change the way they lived their lives. In particular, co-parents were impacted severely, needing to adjust to closed schools and changing work schedules quickly.

As we move into 2021, it's worth considering how co-parenting may change for many families in the near future. Two specific occurrences - the re-opening of schools and faster courts, could help co-parents navigate custody cases more easily.

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The Reestablishment of Schools Could Be Helpful for Co-Parents

One of the biggest issues many co-parents confronted at the beginning of the school year was schools closing.

For many co-parents, schools serve a dual purpose as both a reliable source of childcare and a place of learning. However, earlier this year and extending into 2020, schools across the US shut down. As a result, many parents - particularly those with jobs away from the house - found themselves scrambling to find alternative sources of childcare.

For parents who couldn't be home during the school day, online learning was also a major source of frustration. Many children, especially younger kids, struggle to navigate online learning systems without prior experience. In households where only one parent is home at a time (as is the case in many co-parenting relationships), it may be difficult or impossible for parents to be home while their child utilizes online learning.

However, moving into 2021, many schools are re-opening. With the legalization of a COVID-19 vaccine, more and more schools will continue to re-open. As children go back to school, it could alleviate frustrations for co-parents inspired by the closing of schools.

Courts Will Have Less Trouble Processing Cases

Another frustrating aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic for many co-parents has been how slowly the courts have moved.

During COVID-19, the courts were forced to delay many non-emergency services. This included deprioritizing nonessential family law cases, such as custody modification orders.

However, courts are now up and running again. As a result, parents engaged in child custody and modification cases will have an easier time receiving a hearing.

All in all, parents navigating custody issues and cases should have an easier time dealing with their custody disputes.

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