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How to Help Kids Cope With Divorce


How to Help Kids Deal With Divorce

Parents and childDivorce can be an extremely emotionally taxing experience for all involved parties, especially the kids. Children of separating parents tend to have a particularly difficult time dealing with the massive change and will react differently depending on their age, personality, and circumstances surrounding the divorce. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to ease the transition and help your children get through the process of divorce.

1. Break the news gently: As soon as you have made the decision to separate, make it a priority to discuss it with your children. Tell them about your intentions and how it will affect them. If possible, it is highly recommended that both parents are present during this talk and that feelings of anger and guilt are left out. Show that you and your spouse are a united front and that both of you are committed to providing the same level of attention, love, and support as before.

While this conversation will vary depending on the child’s age and level of maturity, make sure you emphasize that the separation is not the child’s fault. Reassure your kids that your love for them has not changed, and that you will always have a bond with them.

2. Don't argue in front of your children: The last thing your children need during a divorce is to be bombarded with legal speak or to witness heated arguments between you and your spouse. Avoid verbally bashing the other parent in front of your children and make sure that any emotionally charged conversations are to be had behind closed doors.

3. Listen to them: Allowing your child to speak their mind and express their emotions is important. Even if you do not agree with what they have to say, validating their feelings can be greatly beneficial towards the healing process. Some kids may not want to talk right away, and that is understandable. If so, make sure they know that you are available to talk when they are ready.

4. Explain what may happen in the future: Keep your children informed of all relevant information regarding their living situation and visitation arrangements with the other parent. This can help them prepare for what is to come and have a reasonable expectation of the incoming changes.

5. Take care of yourself: Children will often pick up on subtle cues regarding their parents’ reactions and react in a similar fashion. Seeing mom or dad overwhelmed with stress can have a noticeable influence on their emotions. Taking care of yourself and managing your own emotions can help you provide better care for your kids.

6. Consider counseling: Nobody should have to go through a divorce alone, especially children. Counselors, therapists, or religious leaders can provide invaluable support to both you and your kids and act as a healthy channel for you to express your emotions.

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