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Wondering if You Should Change Attorneys? Knowing When to Make the Switch


Hiring an attorney for a family law case, especially a divorce, can feel like taking a leap of faith - frequently because that's exactly what it is. Your attorney will play a vital role in the outcome of your divorce case, and having someone you can trust by your side makes it substantially easier find the best path forward in your divorce. But what if you feel your lawyer isn't working for you? Today, we cover reasons you may want to switch lawyers.

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Reason #1: They Never Seem to Know the Specifics of Your Case

It's no secret - hiring an attorney to handle your family law dispute, especially if you're dealing with something like a high-asset divorce, can cost a significant amount of money. The expenses you use to put an attorney on retainer are intended to ensure that attorney has the time to adequately evaluate your case and make sure you receive the level of care you need and deserve during your legal dispute.

If, during meetings with your attorney, you feel like they're never up-to-date on the nuances of your case or you constantly have to remind them of details, it may be a sign that a change of attorneys is in order. you should be confident that your attorney has your back, and that includes knowing all the factors impacting your case inside and out.

Their Strategy Isn't Right for the Outcome You Want

Most attorneys have a specific way they like to approach family law disputes. Some attorneys are aggressive, preferring to litigate cases in the courtroom and take their clients to trial, where they feel they have the best shot of winning them a favorable agreement. In other situations, attorneys may prefer a more mediated approach, instead attempting to help parties reach mutually beneficial agreements with each other without ever entering the courtroom.

Even if you don't know whether you want to litigate your case or try and deal with it through alternative dispute resolution at the outset of your legal case, you'll probably have a pretty good idea as you progress further into your legal dispute. If you notice your attorney is more or less aggressive than you'd like them to be, it may be time to consider switching to an attorney who fulfills your vision for your case more.

You & Your Attorney Just Don't Get Along

Some people may tell you that you don't have to get along with your attorney for them to help you find the best outcome in your legal dispute, and that may be true. However, in family law cases, many clients find that having an attorney they can agree with and understand on a personal level makes the process of seeing a legal dispute through considerably easier.

If you're finding that you just can't get along with your family lawyer, it may be time to go back to the drawing board and try to find someone you can relate to more easily.

You Realize Having an Attorney on Retainer Just Isn't Necessary

Sometimes, clients in family law cases realize they don't need an attorney on retainer at all. Many family lawyers offer bundled services, which often come with consulting tailored toward a specific part of a case and are charged as a one-time, flat fee payment.

If you just need help with one aspect of your legal case but agree with the other party for the most part, it may be worth speaking with your attorney about whether you could just purchase an unbundled service for a flat fee, or if they could recommend you someone who can provide such services.

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