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Why Do Older Couples Get Divorced?

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Divorce is not uncommon, and it can happen to anyone at any age. But have you ever wondered why older couples in California decide to separate after many years of being together? In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the reasons why older couples get divorced and reveal what could be behind the decision.

Common Reasons Older Couples Divorce

When couples over 50 years old get divorced, it is known as gray divorce. The following are common causes of gray divorce:

  • Retirement: Retirement can either strengthen a marriage or cause difficulties. When couples retire, they share more time together, and this might lead to arguments because they've been used to living separate lives for many years. Moreover, retirement brings change—the loss of a daily routine, job, social circle, and sometimes even a sense of identity. One spouse may feel that their partner is not doing enough around the home or feels left behind if his or her spouse is involved in other activities.
  • Empty nest syndrome: When children have left home to pursue their own lives, spouses may realize that they have little in common. They may feel lost, bored with their partners, and lonely. This situation, called empty nest syndrome, is among the leading divorce triggers. Couples who have spent many years raising a family sometimes neglect to focus on their relationship. When the nest is empty, they realize that they can no longer see a future together.
  • Financial issues: Money can strain a marriage even in the best of times, but it can become a more significant problem in retirement. Health issues, reduced income, and debt can all take a toll on a marriage. Financial issues can often lead to resentment, and one spouse may eventually see hiding money, arguing about finances, or overspending as unforgivable.
  • Infidelity: In some cases, infidelity is the reason behind divorces among elderly couples. Men and women may feel that they have missed out on life experiences and want to try something new before it is too late. This can result in one or both spouses feeling the urge to explore other options.

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