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Creditor Harassment

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Creditor Harassment Lawyer in Fresno

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A Creditor who has not received payment or perhaps received less than the minimum payment may pass your account to an in-house collection agency or may sell or assign your account to a non-affiliated collection agency. Some creditors and many collection agencies are zealous about their jobs. In fact, many of them break or bend Federal and State laws designed to protect consumers from undue and/or unnecessary harassment. Oftentimes, the people calling you are working on some sort of commission. Essentially, they may not be paid unless they are able to collect money from you.

Now upon considering this fact, add to the mix that the person who is making these phone calls is generally ignorant or simply does not care about the laws that protect you. In fact, they only care about getting paid and producing results. You begin receiving phone calls at home. The collection person attempts to elicit information from you over the telephone. Are you still married? Do you still work? Where do you work? Are you still using the same bank? Do you still live at the same address? Do you have children? What are their names? Do you have a checking account? Don’t you want to pay your bill?

This information is oftentimes built upon with each successive phone call and used against you. As most persons feel a sense of guilt or shame by not being able to pay their bills, they try to cooperate. The phone calls turn threatening. Such as: "Do not make us come to your house," "We will be contacting your neighbors," "We will be contacting your children’s school," "We will be contacting the police," etc. The phone rings throughout the day and into the night as a constant reminder of the endless nightmare. Such harassment is not only against the law, but it can take a real toll both psychologically and physically.

Stopping Creditor Phone Calls

Upon filing your Bankruptcy Petition, the U.S. Federal Bankruptcy Court grants an Automatic Stay. This Stay bars creditors from making further calls or attempting to collect their debts in other ways. A purposeful violation of this Stay can subject the Creditor or Collection Agency to civil and/or criminal penalties. However, upon retaining the Arnold Law Group, APC, we send out letters to your Creditors advising them that our law firm has been retained to represent you in your bankruptcy case.

Upon retaining us to file your bankruptcy petition, we gladly give our business number to your Creditors and Collection Agencies who are harassing you. We are more than happy to speak with them and certainly will remind them about current laws, which prevent such ongoing harassment. To learn more about how our Fresno bankruptcy attorneys can assist you, contact Arnold Law Group, APC now.