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Blog Posts in 2020

Can I File Bankruptcy if I Recently Lost My Job?

Unemployment has always been an issue for people, but in light of the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 (COVID-19), we have had a surge of unemployment since March of this year. Some industries were hit ...
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Rights of Unwed Fathers in California

“One-in-four parents living with a child in the United States today are unmarried. Driven by declines in marriage overall, as well as increases in births outside of marriage, this marks a ...
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How Child Support Can Negatively Impact Your Second Marriage

Most people who have been married or married, divorced, and remarried can attest that “marriage takes work.” With over 40 percent of all first marriages ending in divorce, it’s not ...
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Can Spousal Support Be Included in Chapter 7?

Before the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) of 2020, millions of Americans were already living paycheck to paycheck. In the middle of March, President Donald Trump declared a national emergency in an ...
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How to Help Kids Cope With Divorce

How to Help Kids Deal With Divorce Divorce can be an extremely emotionally taxing experience for all involved parties, especially the kids. Children of separating parents tend to have a particularly ...
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Rebuilding Your Financial Health After Bankruptcy!

Most people who come into our office want to build wealth but they have so much debt, it seems years away, if not out of reach. We’ll tell you right now that the fastest way to build wealth is ...
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Owe Child Support? You May Not Get a Stimulus Check

By now, you’ve heard all the “buzz” surrounding the stimulus checks, which are meant to inject cash into an economy hit hard by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. For qualifying ...
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Does Remarriage Affect Your Divorce Settlement?

Does Remarriage Affect Your Divorce? When you or your ex-spouse remarry, some of the agreements from your divorce may change. After a divorce, especially one involving children, one party may have a ...
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Laid Off Due to COVID-19? Bankruptcy Can Help

Are you one of the millions of Americans who were laid off because of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)? Or, are you a small business owner whose business has been hit hard by COVID-19? If your answer ...
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3 Ways COVID-19 is Impacting Family Law

When Americans first heard of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in China, they probably had no idea how their lives were about to change dramatically. By mid-March of 2020, things started to shift. ...
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Does Cheating Affect Alimony?

Does Cheating Affect Alimony? Each year, countless marriages unravel because of adultery. So, if your marriage has been affected because someone cheated, you have plenty of company. You may also want ...
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Are IRAs Protected in Bankruptcy?

If you’re considering filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy and you have an individual retirement account (IRA), you may be wondering if it would be protected or if the funds can be taken to ...
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Does the Wealthier Parent Always Win Custody?

When parents file for divorce in California, the courts encourage them to create a Parenting Plan and decide on child custody together. In the absence of substance abuse, child abuse and neglect, and ...
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Rebuilding Your Credit After Bankruptcy

When you get a bankruptcy discharge, whether it’s for a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you have a clean financial slate. After the bankruptcy, you may have sworn off credit cards forever, ...
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Impact of Unemployment on Child Support

A huge percentage of Americans are living check to check so it can be nerve-wracking when you lose your job, especially if you have children to support. When noncustodial parents lose their jobs, ...
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When Does Spousal Support End in California?

Spousal support (also known as alimony in some states) is monthly financial support that a higher-earning spouse pays to a lower-earning spouse during or after a divorce or both. Spousal support is ...
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Seeking Custody of a Child Who is Not Yours in California

Are you interested in seeking custody of a child who is not yours? Perhaps this child is a grandson or granddaughter and for some reason, their parents cannot care for them or perhaps Child Protective ...
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