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Impact of Unemployment on Child Support

A huge percentage of Americans are living check to check so it can be nerve-wracking when you lose your job, especially if you have children to support. When noncustodial parents lose their jobs, ...
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Can a Child Support Order Be Changed in California?

Many newly-divorced parents don’t realize it but child support is open-ended. Meaning, it is subject to being changed in the future; it’s not necessarily a fixed amount. In life and ...
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Can I Get Legally Separated in California?

Legal separation is not available in all states, but it IS an option in California. What is a legal separation and how is it different than divorce? A legal separation is a lot like a divorce. It ...
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Can Child Support Be Included in Bankruptcy?

If you have fallen behind on child support, there is a strong possibility that other areas of your finances are hurting as well. Perhaps you lost your job, or your hours were cut. Perhaps you had to ...
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