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Balancing Joint Custody & Medical Decisions

In California, “joint legal custody” means that both parents have a say in any decisions relating to their child’s health, education, and general welfare. However, many parents ...
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Assembly Bill 1498: CA's New Child Support Evader Law

The court reviews several factors before allowing a divorce to proceed. Before spouses can part ways, the judge has a legal obligation to make sure their children will be properly cared for. The ...
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Balancing the "No Parent" & the "Fun Parent" After Your Divorce

One of the most difficult aspects of divorce is learning how to share custody with your ex. No one wants to be the “mean parent,” but what else can you do if your ex is acting ...
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Requesting a Spousal Support Modification

The court may award alimony, or spousal support, to a lower-earning spouse to help them readjust to single life. These payments can be temporary or permanent depending on a couple’s financial ...
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How Might Remarriage Affect My Divorce Settlement?

When you or your ex-spouse remarry, some of the agreements from your divorce may change. After a divorce, especially one involving children, one party may have a financial duty to the other through ...
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How to Balance Parenting Time & Visitation During the Summer Months

California requires divorcing parents to come up with a parenting plan, sometimes called a parenting agreement, to determine a basic routine for child custody and visitation schedules. Most parents ...
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Holiday Child Custody Plans

Bringing the entire family together for the holidays can be a tricky endeavor for anyone. Matters are sure to only get more complicated if you are divorced and share children with your ex-spouse, ...
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