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How Changing Culture Has Impacted Spousal Support

Financial support is one of the most contested aspects of any divorce case. In some divorce cases, one person provides financial support through alimony payments, which is also called spousal support. Ex-husbands have typically been required to make monthly support payments to their ex-wives in the past; however, times have changed.

In a society where both parties generally work full-time or part-time jobs, either party can pay spousal support. If you require assistance from our firm, we encourage you to contact our Fresno spousal support attorney at once.

Why a Spousal Support Attorney from Arnold Law Group Should Handle Your Case

As the court will use its discretion and evaluate certain factors specific to you and your case, you will want a knowledgeable Fresno alimony attorney by your side. At Arnold Law Group, APC, we can discuss your case, gather information about your specific topic so that our spousal support lawyers can build a lawsuit aimed at protecting your rights.

With more than 30 years of combined experience, you can trust our team to advocate on your behalf. Our spousal support lawyer can also answer any questions you have during the process. For a spousal support lawyer near you call 559.900.1263!

How Spousal Support Is Determined in California

In California, spousal support is determined by the higher-earning spouse giving between 35% to 40% of their income, and 40% to 50% is deducted from the lower-earning spouse. Alimony in California is solely paid until the recipient becomes independent.

Temporary vs. Permanent Spousal Support

Our spousal support attorney can help you sort through the complicated details associated with your case and help ensure that your rights are protected. One of the aspects you will need to understand is whether you can obtain or may have to pay temporary or permanent spousal support. The court will not consider fault as part of a spousal support award.

Temporary spousal support is established at the start of your divorce case. Permanent spousal support is set at the end of your case and is based on factors that are outlined in the California Family Code.

Some of the factors for permanent spousal support include:

  • Financial resources of the party seeking alimony
  • The time necessary to acquire sufficient training to find employment
  • Standard of living established during the marriage
  • Duration of the marriage
  • Length of absence from employment
  • Loss of earnings, seniority, and other employment opportunities
  • Age, physical condition, and emotional state of the party seeking alimony
  • The ability to pay spouse to meet the needs of the other
  • Contribution of each party in acquisition, deprecation, and preservation of marital property

Can a Spousal Support Order be Modified?

After a support arrangement is determined, life circumstances can change. Therefore, the court understands that a modification may be necessary for either side of the support order. A spousal support modification can get complicated. Don't worry, our spousal support attorneys in Fresno can help you request a modification. Call our spousal support lawyers near you!

How Long Is A Spouse Entitled To Spousal Support In California?

When a marriage or partnership is considered a “long-term” marriage or partnership (usually ten years or more), the judge may not set an end date for the spousal or partner support. The length of the marriage or domestic partnership is generally from the marriage date to the date of the separation. For help understanding California spousal support laws, contact our alimony lawyers at 559.900.1263.

Schedule a case evaluation with a spousal support lawyer at Arnold Law Group, APC at once! Our Fresno alimony lawyers are ready to help with spousal support and other family law cases.