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January is Divorce Month


Family law firms and divorce attorneys all across the country generally see a rise in divorce consultations and filings in January. Some experts estimate that divorce filings increase around 10% in January, and other studies have shown that “divorce” search terms also surge during the first month of the year. So what accounts for this trend?

The increase in January divorces can be explained by the following:

  • Keeping up the holiday spirit: When the holiday season is in full swing, festivities and family gatherings tend to increase during this time. The last thing a couple wants to do is announce their divorce at the dinner table. Ruining Christmas and Thanksgiving for children and loved ones is difficult, so couples often wait until the holidays are over to get started.
  • New Year resolutions: The new year is a time for many people to reflect on the past year and to make goals to improve their lives. This often means putting an end to unhealthy or unhappy relationships. The beginning of the year also coincides with an increase in online dating profiles, which can indicate a readiness to divorce.
  • Holiday stress: The holidays tend to bring added stress in many areas, especially financial and emotional stress. If your marriage is already on shaky grounds, it is unlikely that your relationship will survive the new year.
  • Busy courts: In the month of December, courts usually have a limited schedule due to the holidays. This can make it more difficult to get on the court calendar, which ends up delaying a case anyway. For this reason, it is often easier to wait until January to get the ball rolling.
  • Winter season blues: The winter weather can cause feelings of depression in some people. The gloomy, dark, and cold weather can make it hard to stay upbeat and optimistic about a failing relationship.
  • Tax planning: Some couples choose to delay their divorce until January so that they can still file their taxes jointly and receive the tax benefits. Your status on December 31 determines your filing status, so couples can still file jointly if they wish to do so.

Providing Essential Support & Guidance Through Difficult Times

Divorce is difficult, so you should never have to go through it alone. At Arnold Law Group, APC, our Fresno divorce lawyers can provide all the support and guidance you need to get through the hard times. With more than three decades of collective legal experience, we have represented thousands of clients and helped them find a solution that is right for their family. From negotiation all the way to litigation, we are here to walk you through every phase of your divorce case. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your matter and your concerns.

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