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How to Survive Father's Day as a Divorced Dad


Father’s Day is meant to celebrate the relationship between a father and his children. Unfortunately, this celebration becomes understandably difficult following a divorce. Life after divorce is tough for dads, especially if they live apart from their children as noncustodial parents. However, it’s important to remember that even if you change how Father’s Day is celebrated, it doesn’t mean the point of Father’s Day is lost. Whatever time you have, use this day to remind your children how much you love them no matter the circumstances. This is a new experience for them as well.

Plan Ahead

Plan your Father’s Day in advance and in consideration of how much available time you’ll have to spend with your kids. The goal is to maximize your quality time together. Each parent-child relationship is unique and has its own dynamic. Think about what you enjoy doing with your kids. This is a chance to enjoy old pastimes or even build new Father’s Day traditions. If you can, take a lot of pictures to commemorate your day together.

Not Your Weekend?

Unfortunately, if you’re a noncustodial parent, it’s possible for Father’s Day to land on a day that isn’t your scheduled time. This doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Father’s Day. You always have the option of switching weekends with your ex, postponing the event, or even celebrating early. The meaning of the day doesn’t have to be lost just because it changed weekends. If possible, you can still call or skype your kids on the actual day. If you make alternative plans, you can spend Father’s Day indulging yourself. Do something fun to make the day enjoyable, like traveling or visiting friends. Maybe spend the day with your own father!

Legal Assistance

At Arnold Law Group, APC, we have over 30 years of shared experience in divorce law. We know how difficult it is for parents and children during and after the divorce process. If you are planning to file for divorce or have questions about how to protect your children from the impact of divorce, contact our divorce lawyers at 559-900-1263. We can teach you and your children how to cope with the complications.

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