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Life After Bankruptcy


It’s understandable to be scared about filing for bankruptcy. However, despite rampant misinformation and unfortunate implications, your life circumstances really won’t change aside from your debts being cleared. In fact, for many people, life after bankruptcy is the start of a new life chapter based on a strong financial foundation.

Your Credit

It’s true your credit score has seen better days, but bankruptcy is your first step in reestablishing good credit. In fact, bankruptcy will give you the opportunity to rebuild your financial foundations and learn better spending habits.

You’ll likely receive many “helpful” low-balance credit card prospects following your bankruptcy. Don’t be misled by credit card schemes or you’ll quickly find yourself back in debt. You can reestablish your credit with a reputable company or, preferably, with a secured credit card. A secured credit card allows you to decide your credit limit based on how much money you put into it. Also, avoid credit card repair agencies that make money by charging you on-going fees. You are perfectly capable of handling and improving your credit score without their assistance!

Plan Ahead

The best way to start your new life post-bankruptcy is to start planning ahead. A good habit to develop is monitoring and reviewing your finances weekly. This will allow you to keep track of what you’re buying and locate areas where you can trim down the spending. After all, the best way to accumulate money is to save it! If you open a savings account and put a little bit of money away each week, it will improve not only your financial situation, but also your overall confidence. As your savings account grows, this money can be used for emergencies or your retirement.

Rely on Your Attorney

You don’t have to struggle alone. Your bankruptcy attorney is available to offer advice and guidance about your legal and financial options, and even how to best rebuild your credit. If you are planning to file for bankruptcy or have questions about what to do following your bankruptcy, contact Arnold Law Group, APC. Our lawyers have 30+ years of experience in assisting our clients with strategies for achieving financial freedom after bankruptcy.

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