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Is Adopting Internationally or in America Easier?


When many prospective parents consider adoption, one of the first decisions they make is whether to adopt locally via an organization such as the foster care system or to pursue international adoption. In this blog, we're going over some of the major differences between the two, so you can feel self-assured in your decision.

Comparing Adoption Timelines for International & National Adoption

When comparing timelines, the adoption process for national adoptions tends to be significantly shorter than for international adoptions.

In national adoptions, prospective parents often have to go through several steps to adopt, whether they choose to adopt through a public or private agency. These steps usually include measures such as background checks, parenting classes, and a home study conducted by the agency to ensure the parents are ready to bring a child into their home.

However, even though these measures can take several months, they often pale in comparison with international adoptions. It's not uncommon for international adoptions to take years to finalize, as parents make consistent trips to and from their prospective adoptee's home country. Additionally, parents may have to comply with international adoption laws for not only the U.S., but also the country they're adopting from, which can make the process more difficult.

Comparing Expenses Between Types of Adoption

Similarly, international adoptions tend to cost significantly more than national adoptions. The cost of flights alone often increases the cost exponentially, but other costs often affiliated with international adoption agencies can make the cost of international adoption significantly higher than that of adopting nationally.

Of course, there isn't necessarily a "right" or "wrong" option here. For parents who would prefer a more cost-effective, time-friendly way to adopt a child, national or local adoption may be preferable. It can also make it easier to get ahold of documents such as medical records for the adoptee. However, for other parents, the opportunity to give a child living internationally a better life is worth the increased costs and time spent.

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