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Why It's Important to Establish Paternity in California


Establishing the paternity of a child is far more important than some people realize. If you don’t prove who a child’s biological father is, it can have terrible consequences in the future, including legal disputes and other issues. The following are a few of the most common reasons why it’s important to establish paternity in California:

  • Visitation – For fathers, establishing paternity is often the only way to gain visitation rights, which is sometimes a father’s only option for developing a relationship with his children.
  • Child Support – Unless paternity has been established, a mother cannot legally collect child support from her children’s father.
  • Health Records – Parents have access to their children’s medical records. Fathers can only gain this right if they establish paternity.
  • Health Insurance – Children can be added to their parents’ health insurance policies, which provides them with the same benefits as their parents. To be added to a father’s health insurance policy, paternity must be established first.
  • Life Insurance – Like health insurance, children can’t be named as a beneficiary of their father’s life insurance policy unless paternity has been established.
  • Inheritance – If paternity is established, children may be able to receive inheritance if their father passes away.
  • Social Security/Veteran’s Benefits – If their father passes away, and if paternity has been established, in some cases, children can receive Social Security and/or veteran’s benefits through their father.

Whether you want to prove who a child’s biological father is for one of the reasons listed above or for a different reason, you should know that proving paternity in California has its difficulties.

How Do You Prove Paternity in California?

There are more than a few ways to establish paternity in California. The following are the most effective legal options for proving paternity in California:

  • Marriage – If a child’s parents are married, it is generally presumed that the husband is the child’s biological father.
  • Agreement – If a child’s parents agree that the man is the child’s biological father, then they can sign an agreement.
  • DNA Test – If there is a disagreement, or question, regarding paternity, a DNA test can be ordered through a paternity action.

Need Help Establishing Paternity in California? Contact Our Experienced Family Law Attorneys Today

Whether you need to prove you’re a child’s father or you’re a mother who needs to establish paternity for your child, our experienced paternity lawyers can help. At Arnold Law Group, APC, our legal team has more than 30 years of combined experience. We have a long history of successfully guiding clients through the process of establishing paternity in California. In addition, you can rest assured, because our compassionate and aggressive family law attorneys’ top priority will always be protecting your rights, and your child’s rights, throughout the process.

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