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New Law Provides Jewish Women with a Way to Escape Abusive Marriages


Earlier this year, a relatively new law in California that redefines coercive control as a form of abuse helped lead to an important courtroom victory for Jewish women trapped in abusive marriages. According to The Jewish News of Northern California, a digital news outlet that covers stories impacting the Jewish community, in February, thanks in part to a new California law, Michelle Hazani, won a courtroom battle that enabled her to finally legally walk away from an abusive marriage.

The basis for Hazani’s attorney’s argument was that her husband’s refusal to grant her a “get” (a Jewish writ of divorce) was an act of coercive control, which under a new California law is recognized a form of abuse.

How Does California’s New Law Help Protect Jewish Women from Abuse?

Michelle Hazani’s case shines a light on an issue that has been leaving Jewish women trapped in abusive marriages for decades. Under Jewish law, for a divorce to be valid, the husband must give his permission. This rule gives husbands in Jewish marriages unwarranted power and control over the marriage and their spouse’s life. These husbands know that no matter what, their wives cannot legally leave them unless they give them permission. Having that level of control over someone else’s life is a form of abuse.

Unfortunately, that is not the only type of abuse that can happen in these types of relationships. Physical abuse can often become a part of marriages like this because it gives the husband another avenue to show that he is in control, and husbands know they can get away with physically abusing their wives because the women can’t leave them.

Fortunately, California’s new law gives Jewish women the opportunity to fight for their freedom in court, and as Michelle Hazani’s case showed, they are redefining what abuse is in the eyes of the law and winning their freedom in the process.

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No one should be forced to stay in an abusive marriage. At Arnold Law Group, APC, protecting our clients is and has always been our top priority. We have gone to battle for victims of domestic violence and won. We know what it takes to help our clients escape abusive marriages and get a fresh start. Our goal is always to secure the best possible outcome for our clients’ situations, and for years we’ve been doing just that.

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